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POA September Blog

The POA will be making a monthly blog on the happenings within Canyon Park. Like the Texas heat, we are not cooling down. We are proud of our progress as a community and are excited with the outcomes.

The following documents have been recorded with the County Clerk and are now active instruments that the POA will follow. Please review them to ensure that you have knowledge of the processes. These are also referenced within the deed restrictions that soon will be released. Questions regarding any of these instruments can be answered upon request. These instruments include:

There have been places where people have been coming and going on foot or golf cart throughout the subdivision. This behavior has been the result in shopping carts being left in the subdivision, as well as security and trespassing issues. Our maintenance crew (especially Johnny Clawson) has been working hard to ensure that these paths will not be passable with vehicles or carts. Great job once again!

The Canyon Park Semi-Annual Community Garage Sale will be the last weekend of September as voted on with the deed restriction voting. This would make the sale Friday, September 29 - Saturday, September 30 - Sunday, October 1. The POA will be renting spots/tables in the clubhouse for those dates at $10.00 per day per spot/table. These spots/tables are available for food vendors, crafters, artisans, etc. No junk! There are 6 available at this time. Yes the AC will be on! Contact Terri at the POA office for complete details. 936.646.4445

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