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When’s the last time you woke up hearing birds chirping or enjoyed a nature-filled view? With Canyon Park Property Owners Association, we can help these dreams come true. We are a group of property owners committed to maintaining a tranquil environment in Onalaska, Texas, the heart of Lake Livingston. Our "neck of the woods" is for families looking for that country style living on the lake, which makes Canyon Park a great place to live!

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This site is under construction and will be changed on a continuous basis as progress is rendered.  As with any construction site, please understand some areas are not complete and most likely will change.  Also, hyperlinks may be inactive.  

This site is being developed for the Canyon Park community and welcomes  ideas and suggestions.  Click here to email the web designer with your input.

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About Us

Canyon Park is a subdivision near Lake Livingston in East Texas. This community of about 750 properties and homes is located in pristine piney woods in the City of Onalaska, Texas. The City of Onalaska offers Canyon Park 24-hour protection with approximately 6-8 police officers who patrol the subdivision almost daily.

The Canyon Park Property Owners Association is non-profit organization of mainly volunteers.  We are active in assuring the community is able to maintain standards for the comfort and well being of all property owners and to protect their investments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Canyon Park POA.


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