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Maintenance Dues are $96 per lot per year.  Property owners with multiple lots may make monthly payments at no additional charge with prior arrangements made with the POA.  However, yearly payments are strongly encouraged and preferred, especially for single lot property owners.  Every property owner is asked to complete the Customer Information Form.  It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure that the POA has the correct and current information on file to help prevent late fee charges.  

Our Fiscal Year is January 1st to December 31st and invoice/statement are mailed out in mid-December with payments due by January 31st, after which time late fees start accruing.  Accounts that are 30 days past due will have a $5.00 late fee per lot assessed monthly.  A secondary semi-annual invoice/statement will be issued in late June to property owners with a remaining balance.

Please call or e-mail the POA at or call (936) 646-4445 to ask questions concerning your account balance, payment plans, or verification of accounts for property being sold. Please note, "not receiving an invoice/statement", either by USPS or email, is not a valid reason for non-payment of maintenance fees and any late fees accrued.   These fees are outlined in the deed restrictions, and everyone is responsible to make themselves aware of deed restrictions.

​Canyon Park POA charges a property transfer fee of $100.00 per lot when a property is sold, payable immediately.

We ask that Title Companies have the buyer complete our Canyon Park Customer Information Form and along with a copy of the Warranty Deed, return it to the POA office after closing documents are completed.  This will provide us with the buyer contact information to setup all POA accounts.

Thank you for your interest.  You can download a printable copy of this page here.

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