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Architectural Review Authority (ARA) Guidelines

The following is a brief summary of the ARA GUIDELINES document extracted from the deed restrictions. Please click on the Deed Restrictions link to read over the entire document for full details prior to submitting a building permit application.



Construction permits are not required for the normal repair and maintenance of the exterior and interior of homes in Canyon Park. If exterior painting is to be done,  no permit is required.  However, exterior changes, such as additions, do require a permit.  Interior changes, such as flooring, do not require a permit.  Wall removal that requires electrical re-wiring will require a permit.   It is the property owner's responsibility to verify the necessity of a city building permit before starting any work on the property.  The property owner will be responsible for any and all City of Onalaska cost associated with obtaining permits, as well as any fees, liens, fines, etc. for not following building and permitting codes.

Before any city permits are issued an ARA Application for Construction must be reviewed and approved by the Canyon Park ARA.  Once obtained, a copy of the City of Onalaska permit must be presented to the ARA to be combined with the construction file.   An Application for Construction must be filled out regardless of the size or structure being added to the property.

As of April 09, 2023 the Board of Directors have voted on the following administrative fees for all ARA applications. 


Please note that the City of Onalaska will fine anyone doing construction without a permit.

Architecture Review Authority Guidelines: Residents
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