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February News

Let's start on a positive note - the POA and the Water department has purchased a new tractor with a backhoe for the continued maintenance work that needs to be performed around the subdivision. The old Kubota has performed well, however, it is many years old and is at the point that the maintenance cost are starting to exceed the value of the tractor. The cost of the new tractor was split with the Water Department to allow use when having to dig piping. Shout out to Lone Star Outdoor Equipment for suppling the new Yanmar tractor.

Next item - as mentioned in our last mailout, the POA has retained an attorney that is helping us get all of our documentation correct and in accordance to the ever changing Texas Property Code. We now have posted "Notice of Dedicatory Instruments". This instrument lists all governing documents and includes the Articles of Incorporation from the original developer and also includes the Bylaws written in accordance to the Texas Property Codes. You might want to review the instrument for the upcoming election.

And that is the last item - the Election. It is now time to sign up for a candidate as a POA Board Member. All information must be received in the POA Office by February 22, 2024. Ballots will be mailed no later than March 13, 2024. Election day is April 13th, 2024. There are 3 positions that need to be filled. Contact the office if you require further information.

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March Announcements

The monthly executive POA meeting will be held in the Clubhouse for April 5th at 6:00 pm. Preparations will be made regarding the Quarterly Meeting. The Quarterly Meeting will be held April 13, 2024

POA Quarterly Meeting

The POA will have it's first Quarterly Meeting January 13, 2024 at 10 am in the Clubhouse. As always, the public is invited.


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